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Steeper than the other circuits of the Somme Bay, this new loop offers exceptional views and reveals the charms of a coastline marked by its landscape and history.

Discover the other side of the bay, between cliffs and seaside Belle Epoque architecture.
A taste of Normandy.

Do not miss
- The seaside neighborhood of Mers-les-Bains with Belle Epoque villas,
- The views of the English Channel, and Norman-Picard cliffs from Notre Dame de la Falaise in Mers,
- The typical farms and churches of Commons Frontcountry

Download GPS plan (GPX)

A loop: 1:45
Loop B: 1:30

Socio-cultural center Bourseville 50.1040666 - 1.5273688
Church of Saint-Quentin-Lamotte 50.0734179 - 1.4530891
Train station Tréport / Mers-les-Bains 50.062878, 1.37565

To enjoy your ride, ride with care!

Syndicat mixte baie de somme
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