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The bike flying birds
The cycling routes of the Baie de Somme come under the name of birds along our courses: Avocet, Gravelot, Tadorne ... A journey between sky, land and sea.
We propose this year to rediscover these birds through a series of tickets showing each cycling circuit.

The Plover

For this first opus, head south of the Bay with the circuit of Gravelot. Olivier from the House of the Bay of Somme gives us the portrait of this very cunning little bird. "The Ringed Plover is a member of the family Limicoles, long-legged birds that grow in mud and shallow water.There are three species that frequent the Picardy coastline: the Ringed Plover, the Ringed Plover and the Ringed Plover. The most common on the south of the Bay is the Great Ringed Plover, which differs from the color of their eye, beak and legs, but also the drawings on the head, chest and on the top of the wings. and 20 cm and weighs between 40 and 60 g.They can live up to 10 years.Their diet varies between insects, molluscs, worms and crustaceans.The Gravelots are not shy.Every year at the tip of Hourdel where a lot of people go by, a couple of Great Europeans still manage to nest The nest, a mixture of sand and small pebbles with shells, is not materialized.This prevents predators from finding them, the eggs having the same color as the On the other hand, it is common for the nests to be trampled, hence the interest of staying well on the trails. "

Where can we observe it?

You can observe it at the Pointe du Hourdel and along the Blanche road on the estuary, but be careful not to enter the pebble cords during the breeding season from April to June.

The little advice in +

When you walk on a dike and you see a Plover who goes away without ever taking off or who pretends to be injured, it is because you are close to his nest, turn around and look where you put them. feet.

The Gravelot circuit is also

Other birds are also visible along the route: Shelduck, Avocet, Seagull, Gull, Egret ... The circuit of Gravelot is a summary of the Bay of Somme between sea and Lowlands, birds and seals, medieval heritage or historic ... a real live show to enjoy with the eyes.

more info: download the Gravelot travel diary

To enjoy your ride, ride with care!

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